Most Six in World Cup 2023 Hit By Players

Most six in world cup 2023 India is hosting the Cricket world cup 2023 this year. The 13th edition of ICC event which is going to start in India from 5th of October 2023. This one is the big one event of ICC in world.

This world cup 2023 will play among 10 different top teams of the world. This is an international event of cricket for the cricket fans. Let’s see who will the top Six hitting batsman of the cricket world cup 2023.

Most six in world cup 2023

World Cup 2023
World Cup 2023

ICC has set some criteria in the 2023 cup 2023. Those who will score most Six’s in the world cup 2023? Who will take the most wickets in the world cup 2023? Who will perform best in the world cup 2023 will awarded with a prize. Every player will perform best for his team to win the world cup 2023 and also the prize nominated by the ICC.

Total no.of Most Six’s in ICC CWC 2023

Every fan of cricket wants his favorite player to hit at least maximum Six’s in the big event of world cup 2023. These Six’s play a vital role in winning the team and leading his team into the next round.

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Six-Hitting Kings: Who Topped the Charts?

Rohit Sharma28
Glenn Maxwell22
Quinton de Kock21
David Warner20
Fakhar Zaman18
Heinrich Klaasen17

This is a 50 over game in which a player have enough time to set himself according to the situations and get these figure points. ICC keeps record of every delivery and every action in the event.

 There will be a record list of most Six’s hit by a player in world cup provided by the ICC in the event. This list will update after every match of world cup ends.

You can get each and every detail of world cup 2023 from this platform.

Details of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

Here is the detail of ICC Cricket world cup 2023. Here you know about the detail of the event.

AdministratorInternational Cricket Council
Cricket FormatOne Day International
TeamsAfghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Netherlands, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka
Selection CriteriaRound-Robin and Knockout
First Match5th of October 2023
Semi Final 1TBD
Semi Final 2TBD
Final Match19 November 2023
Participants Teams10
Total Matches played48

List of Six’s in Cricket World Cup 2023

Here is the list of ICC world cup 2023 Six’s hit by the players. You will get the details of every Six’s hitting by a batsman in ICC cricket world cup 2023. This list will update after the completion of every match in the world cup event.


Results of Hitting Six Runs

Here are the following advantages and benefits of scoring Six runs in a match in world cup 2023 event.

  • Momentum Gain
  • Rotation of Strike
  • Skill Improvement
  • Handle Pressure
  • Pressure on Opponent
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Momentum Gain

Boundaries hitting by a batsman like six can change the momentum of game. It changes the direction of the game.

Rotation of strike

If you hit a boundary you rotate strike to yourself. This gives you a lot of confidence.

Skill Improvement

Scoring a Six in a high pressure match improves Skill level of a batsman. Different kind of shorts and techniques improves the skill level of player.

Handle Pressure

Hitting Six help players to handle the pressure under tough conditions. These Six runs improve the confidence of players to play free hand.

Pressure on Opponent

If you hit a six it builds pressure on the bowler and also on the opponent team. Which becomes helpful for you to achieve your target quite easily.   

Factors that effects Six Hitting Ability

There are also some factors that affect the six hitting ability of a player are

  • Pitch Conditions
  • Quality of Bowling

Pitch Condition

Pitch conditions highly effect the six hitting ability of batsman. If there is a swing in the wicket then it will be very difficult for a player to hit a six.

Quality of Bowling

Bowling quality also effects the six hitting capability of a player. Bowling with high speed becomes very difficult for a batsman hit a six. If there is a swing and there is a speed of the bowler then it causes many problems for a batsman to hit a six.

Record of Hitting Most Six’s

Chris Gayle the power house of West Indies has the record of hitting most six’s in Cricket history. Rohit Sharma captain of Indian team is at number two in hitting the Six’s in Cricket history.

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Record of Hitting Long Distance Six

Shahid Afridi a famous Pakistani cricketer hold the record of hitting longest six in cricket history against South Africa. 153m long six by Shahid Afridi.


Who has the record of hitting most sixes in cricket history?

Chris Gayle has the record of hitting most Six’s 553 in cricket history.

Who is the God of Cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar is known as God of Cricket.


It is concluded that in ICC cricket world cup 2023, you will know the most six’s hit by a batsman in world cup 2023. ICC will display each and every detail of the event. Chris Gayle has the record of hitting most Six’s in cricket history.

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