West Indies Under-19 beat Sri Lanka Under-19 by 3 Wickets Highlights | U19 CWC 2024

  • SL U19 vs WI U19 On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, at 13:00, the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup, 2024 – Super Six – Match 2 took place at Diamond Oval, Kimberley. The match featured Sri Lanka Under-19 and West Indies Under-19 teams.
  •  West Indies Undеr-19 bеat Sri Lanka Undеr-19 by 3 wickеts in thе 2nd match of Super Six Stage in thе ICC Undеr-19 Crickеt World Cup, 2024.
  • The Player of the Match was Steve Wedderburn, who scored 61 runs
Sri Lanka U19 231(50.0 overs)
West Indies U19 232/7(49.3 overs)
West Indies Under-19 won the match by 3 wickets. 

SL U19 vs WI U19 Highlights


Pulindu Perera SL U19

Pulindu Perera, representing Sri Lanka Under-19, scored a total of 198 runs against West Indies Under-19, with an impressive batting average of 49.5 and a striking batting strike rate of 98.50. His highest score in the match was 155, showcasing his significant contribution to the team’s performance.

Koskanwatte Gedera Piyasinghalage Pulindu Vinujaya Perera
Pulindu Perera
PlayerTeamTotal RunsBatting AvgBatting SRHighest Score
Pulindu PereraSri Lanka Under-1919849.598.50155

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson, representing West Indies Under-19, scored a total of 223 runs against Sri Lanka Under-19, with a batting average of 44.6 and a batting strike rate of 101.36. His highest score in the match was 105, making him the top batter for the match.

SL U19 vs WI U19 Jordan Ethan Zahir Johnson
Jordan Ethan Zahir Johnson
PlayerTeamOpponentTotal RunsBatting AvgBatting SRHighest Score
Jordan JohnsonWest Indies Under-19Sri Lanka Under-1922344.6101.36105

Top Bowlers

PlayerTotal WicketsBowling AvgBowling SRBest Figure

Sineth has taken 8 wickets with an average of 20.27 and a strike rate of 22.36. His best bowling figure is 4/36. On the other hand, Jayawardena has taken 11 wickets with an average of 15.00 and a best figure of 3/43

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Sri Lanka Under-19 INNINGS

  • Sri Lanka Under-19 scored a total of 231 runs in 50.0 overs, with a
  • run rate of 4.62 runs per over.
  • The top scorers for the team were Dinura Kalupahana with 53 runs, followed by Pulindu Perera with 24 runs and Malsha Tharupathi with 42 runs.
  • The team’s innings included 23 extra runs, consisting of 21 wides and 2 leg byes.
Pulindu Perera24314077.41
Vishen Halambage01000
Sineth Jayawardena11151073.33
Supun Waduge31403077.50
Dinura Kalupahana53835063.85
Sharujan Shanmuganathan14260053.84
Ravishan De Silva5151033.33
Malsha Tharupathi423870110.52
Vihas Thewmika15321046.87
Vishwa Lahiru490044.44
Ruvishan Perera9101090

West Indies Under-19 INNINGS

  • West Indies Under-19 scored a total of 232 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in 49.3 overs, with a run rate of 4.69 runs per over.
  • The top scorers for the team were Steve Wedderburn with 61 runs, followed by Jordan Johnson with 39 runs and Stephan Pascal with 33 runs.
  • The team’s innings included 13 extra runs, consisting of 7 wides, 4 byes, and 2 leg byes.
Stephan Pascal332651126.92
Steve Wedderburn61715385.91
Joshua Dorne7171041.17
Jordan Johnson39464084.78
Nathan Edward13390033.33
Mavendra Dindyal17342050
Jewel Andrew11231047.82
Nathan Sealy27281196.42
Tarrique Edward11131084.61
SL U19 vs WI U19

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