Decoding the Race to Semifinals: U19 CWC 2024 Super Six Scenarios

ICC Undеr-19 Crickеt World Cup 2024 has rеachеd a crucial juncturе with only six matchеs lеft bеforе thе knockout stagеs. In this analysis, wе dеlvе into thе statе of play for all 12 tеams in thе Supеr Six stagе, еxploring thе scеnarios еach tеam facеs and what nееds to happеn for thеm to secure a covеtеd spot in thе sеmi-finals. Writtеn by Jonathan Hеaly.

Undеr-19 World Cup 2024 Group 1:

  1. India U19 (6 points, +3.327 NRR): The reigning champions stand undefeated, with a foot in the semifinals. A win against Nepal secures their spot, while a loss needs Bangladesh and Pakistan both to surpass them in NRR.
  2. Pakistan U19 (6 points, +1.064 NRR): Unbeaten like their arch-rivals, a victory over Bangladesh ensures their qualification. Even a narrow loss might suffice if NRR stays ahead of Bangladesh, setting up a potential clash with India in the final.
  3. Bangladesh U19 (4 points, +0.348 NRR): A win against Pakistan, boosting their NRR above Pakistan’s, is their ticket to the semifinals. A loss or narrow win, however, dashes their hopes.
  4. New Zealand U19 (2 points, +1.915 NRR): Despite a slim chance due to a heavy loss against India, they face Ireland with pride in their last match.
  5. Nepal U19 (0 points, -1.445 NRR): Out of the semifinal race but can influence standings; their clash against India holds significance.
  6. Ireland U19 (0 points, -1.699 NRR): Hoping to salvage pride, Ireland aims to defeat New Zealand and avoid finishing at the bottom.
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Undеr-19 World Cup 2024 Group 2:

  1. Australia U19 (6 points, +2.781 NRR): Undefeated, a win over the West Indies secures a semifinal spot and likely group leadership.
  2. South Africa U19 (4 points, +1.479 NRR): Hosts with a strong chance; a win against Sri Lanka should see them through, and a narrow loss might still be enough.
  3. West Indies U19 (4 points, +0.134 NRR): Needing a win against Australia and a favorable outcome in the South Africa vs. Sri Lanka clash to keep semifinal hopes alive.
  4. Sri Lanka U19 (2 points, +0.226 NRR): Must secure a healthy win against South Africa and rely on Australia’s victory over the West Indies to stay in contention.
  5. England U19 (2 points, -1.241 NRR): Slim chances post a loss to Australia; they need a comprehensive win over Zimbabwe, coupled with specific outcomes in other matches.
  6. Zimbabwe U19 (0 points, +4.016 NRR): Out of semifinal contention but eyeing a substantial win against England to avoid finishing at the bottom.
TeamPointsN/RRLeading Run-scorerLeading Wicket-takerRemaining Fixture
IND U196+3.327Musheer Khan – 325Saumy Pandey – 12v Nepal, February 2
PAK U196+1.064Shahzaib Khan – 234Ubaid Shah – 12v Bangladesh, February 3
BAN U194+0.348Ariful Islam – 216Maruf Mridha – 8v Pakistan, February 3
NZ U192+1.915Snehith Devireddy – 154Mason Clarke – 7v Ireland, February 3
NEP U190-1.445Dev Khanal – 152Subash Bhandari – 9v India, February 2
IRE U190-1.699Kian Hilton – 134Oliver Riley – 7v New Zealand, February 3

Group 2

Group 2PointsN/RRL Run-scorerLeading Wicket-takerRemaining Fixture
AUS U196+2.781Hugh Weibgen – 230Callum Vidler – 11v West Indies, February 2
SA U194+1.479Steve Stolk – 192Kwena Maphaka – 12v Sri Lanka, February 2
WI U194+0.134Jewel Andrew – 207Nathan Edward – 8v Australia, February 2
SL U192+0.226Dinura Kalupahana – 177Vishwa Lahiru – 9v South Africa, February 2
ENG U192-1.241Ben McKinney – 184Tazeem Ali – 7v Zimbabwe, February 3
Zim U190+4.016Ronak Patel – 80Ryan Simbi, Newman Nyamhuri – 6v England, February 3


With the race intensifying, every team faces unique challenges in their quest for a semi-final berth. Follow the gripping action as these young talents battle it out for glory in the U19 CWC 2024.

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