India Team Points Table World Cup 2023 Points Table

India is hosting Cricket world cup 2023 this year. The 13th edition of ICC event which is going to start in India from 5th of October 2023. This article will discuss about India Team point table of world cup 2023. Points table is a very important part of the tournament. In this article we will know about the cricket world cup 2023 points table of Indian Team and a closer look at the team standing Position. This points table tell us about the position of the India team in world cup 2023.

india team points table
India Points Table

Point System in world cup 2023

Before going to the points table let’s have a look at the point system of the world cup 2023. This point system defines the position of team in the world cup 2023. Let’s know how it works.

  • If a team wins will get 2 points
  • If a team lose will get zero point
  • If a match tied or get no result due to some factors such as whether conditions both the teams will get one point each.
  • NRR is also a very important factor if two teams have the same points on the points table.   

If a team wins with a high margin have high NRR than other teams who have low winning margin.

India Team Points Table

IndiaMatch PlayedWonLostTied/ No ResultPointsNet Run Rate NRRMargin
Ind vs Pak000000
Ind vs Aus11002+0.883Ind won by 6 wickets
Ind vs SA000000
Ind vs Eng000000
Ind vs NZ000000
Ind vs SL000000
Ind vs Ban000000
Ind vs Afg000000
Ind vs Ned00000


It is concluded that here in this article you can get information about all the match points of India team in this points table. In this points table you will know about the matches India play with different teams of world cup 2023. You will know about win or lose of India team in world cup 2023.

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