How to Book England vs New Zealand Tickets for the ICC World Cup 2023

Here are some steps on how to book England vs New Zealand tickets for the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup 2023:

  • Register Interest in purchasing tickets
    You can buy tickets from the official ICC World Cup website or from authorized agents. Registration for buying tickets for the World Cup 2023 will start on August 25.
  • Look at the list of matches
    On the official website, you will see a list of the total matches of the World Cup 2023. You can find out when and where each team will play.
  • Find England vs New Zealand
    From the given list you should click on the England vs New Zealand match. Click on it to get more details.
  • See the Tickets
    You will see the different category tickets with different prices. Depending on your budget, you can buy any category ticket. 
  • Choose the Tickets
    In this step, you should choose the ticket that you want to buy. This will decide where you shall sit in the stadium.
  • Put the Ticket in Your Cart
    After choosing the ticket, you have to add your ticket to your online cart. You are on the way to reserve your ticket.
  • Pay for Your Ticket
    In this step, you have to pay for your ticket. You can pay for the tickets by using your credit card or any other online payment method.
  • Get Confirmation
    After the payment process, you will receive an email saying that your ticket is booked now.
  • Ready for Match
    After all these processes, you have bought a ticket. Now, you have to wait for the match. As the match gets closer, you should check your email for any updates.  On the match day, shoe your ticket at the stadium entrance and now you are all set to enjoy the match between England vs New Zealand.

Additional Tips to Buy the Tickets match between England vs New Zealand

You can also buy tickets from other third-party sellers.

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Here are some third-party sellers that are providing the tickets for the World Cup 2023.

  • Book My Show
  • Book My Show is a popular ticket seller in India. It offers a seamless platform for buying tickets. It has a huge variety of tickets. You can avail of tickets from its website or app.
  • PayTM
  • PayTM is also a popular ticket seller in India. Paytm offers a convenient and user-friendly platform for booking tickets for a wide range of services, including flights, trains, buses, movies, events, and more. This aspect of Paytm’s services has made it a popular ticket seller in India.
  • PayTM Insider
  • Paytm Insider extends the Paytm platform with a variety of entertainment experiences. Paytm Insider connects users with unique activities such as concerts, workshops, and food festivals. With easy booking and secure transactions, it simplifies event discovery.

Ticket Booking Platforms

You can buy the tickets for Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium from the official website. Some other third-party platforms are also offering tickets for the World Cup 2023.
You can buy tickets for any match in any stadium from these platforms.

Ticket Booking Online Platforms Links

Official WebsiteBook Here
BookMyShowBook Here
PayTMVisit Here

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