Australia Kit/Jersey ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2024

T20 is a charming, joyful and short format of cricket. It’s a good news for cricket lovers that ICC t20 world cup is going to start from June 2024. There are 20 teams taking part in this event of t20 cricket world cup 2024.

It’s for the first time in history that twenty teams are participating. Some teams are taking part for the first time in history such as Uganda.

The schedule of this t20 world cup is about 29 days. Total 55 number of matches will play among 20 different teams. These twenty teams are divided into four groups. Each group has five teams.

This t20 cricket world cup is hosting by two different countries. Some matches will play in USA and some matches will play on the grounds of West Indies.

Australian fans are very excited about the new t20 kit of Australia team for t20 world cup 2024. They are ready to support their team in the ground by wearing this new t20 kit of Australia.

ICC T20 World Cup 2024 Australia Kit/Jersey

This t20 kit for Australia team is officially choose by Australian Cricket Council in this ICC t20 Cricket World cup 2024 event. This t20 kit of Australia team have very attractive and good looking design.

T20 kit of Australia have very impressive color combination. The colors enhance kits beauty.


Australia Team Kit Appearance T20 World Cup 2024

This new t20 kit of Australia Team have many features. The color of Australia kit is Black, Yellow and Green. On the right side of shirt the logo of national flag of Australia Team. Logo of Australia kit sponsor is also printed on right side of shoulder.

Number and name is always on the back side of the shirt. The color of trouser is also solid black color gets contrast with the shirts. Logo of national flag and Sponsor of Australia kit also printed on t20 kit of Australia. 

Australian cricket fans are showing great interest about this t20 kit of Australia Team for t20 world cup 2024. The remarks of Australian cricket fans about the kit are very good and appreciative. The new kit of Australia team is creating a big hype on social media.

Australia Team T20 WC 2024 Kit Features

 Australia team kit is made up of 100% Polyester Dry fit Fabrics Material. The good thing about this kit is that it controls the moisture very effectively. Kit have full sublimation print on front and back side. This t20 kit have very unique design and attractive look. This kit have many qualities like ultra-cool, ultra-soft, breathable and comfortable. You can also wear it as casual.

  • Dry Fit Fabric Material
  • Moisture Control
  • Sublimation Print
  • Unique Design
  • Aesthetic Look
  • Ultra-Cool & Breathable
  • Ultra Soft & Comfortable
  • Men’s Sports Wear & Casual Wear

Australia Kit Available Sizes

There are different size of kits available in market. You can get according to your size.

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Extra Small
Extra Large

Buy T20 World Cup 2024 Kit Jersey Australia

Here you can buy the kit of Australia team for t20 world cup 2024.


It is concluded that the new kit of Australia team is very impressive and very attractive.

Australian cricket fans are eagerly waiting for t20 world cup 2024 to support his team into this new kit.

You will watch Australian team players in action in 2024 t20 cricket world cup in new kit.

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