Points table World Cup 2023 Latest

Latest points table for the 2023 Cricket World Cup as of November 6, 2023, is follows as:

India is currеntly at thе top of thе tablе with 16 points, followеd by South Africa with 12 points. Australia and Nеw Zеaland arе tiеd at third placе with 8 points еach. Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladеsh arе all tiеd at fourth placе with 8 points еach. Sri Lanka and Nеthеrlands arе tiеd at sеvеnth placе with 4 points еach, and England is at thе bottom of thе tablе with 2 points.

You will know about the cricket world cup 2023 today points table and a closer look at the team’s standings. This points table tell us about the position of the team.

Points table World Cup 2023 latest

Team Standings World Cup 2023

1 India880+2.45616
2 South Africa862+1.37612
3 Australia752+0.92410
4 New Zealand844+0.3988
5 Pakistan844+0.0368
6 Afghanistan743-0.3308
7 Bangladesh826-1.1424
8 Sri Lanka826-1.1604
9 Netherlands725-1.3984
10 England716-1.5042
(Updated on November 6 after Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh)

Point System in World Cup 2023

  • If a team wins will get 2 points
  • If a team lose will get zero point
  • If a match tied or get no result due to some factors such as whether conditions both the teams will get one point each.
  • NRR is also a very important factor if two teams have the same points on the points table.   

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