JB Marks Oval Tickets Price & Booking Guide

JB Marks Oval stadium is the field in which young talent is shaped into endless future stars. JB Marks Oval is a big stadium under the sky of Africa, where aspiring stars have practiced and improved their skills.

This stadium is not just about scores but it is a picture of passion and strong spirit created by the stars of cricket. In the match, the cheers and excitement of fans make the atmosphere more energetic.

Firstly, this stadium was known as Senwes Park. Later the stadium was named JB Marks Oval. In 2001, this stadium hosted its first Test Cricket match and it was the first match showing the entry of South Africa in the World of Cricket. After the year passed the stadium was named Sedgars Park.

The great batsmen of cricket like AB Devilliers passed through the atmosphere of this stadium. In 2021, the stadium was changed and has a new name JB Marks Oval. This was a short introduction to this stadium.

Now, let’s discuss the Mark Oval stadium Tickets for this U 19 Cricket World Cup 2024. JB Marks Oval stadium ticket price and booking steps guidance are here.

JB Marks Oval Venue Details

LocationPotchefstroom, North West Province, South Africa
Playing SurfaceLush green outfield, clay and loam wicket
FacilitiesState-of-the-art player facilities, practice areas, media center, floodlights, and spectator amenities
HistoryEstablished in the early 1900s, hosted the first Test match in 2002, named after JB Marks in 2021
Memorable MomentsKallis’ record-breaking score, Ntini’s 13-wicket haul, de Villiers’ rapid century, various ICC tournaments
Beyond CricketCommunity events, concerts, cultural gatherings
AccessibilityEasy access by road, ample parking
TicketsAvailable online and at the stadium box office

JB Marks Oval U19 World Cup 2024 Schedule

20 JanIreland vs USAA
23 JanSouth Africa vs West IndiesB
27 JanBangladesh vs IrelandA
31 JanSri Lanka vs ZimbabweC
3 FebIndia vs IrelandA
6 FebGroup 1 match (to be determined)Super Six
8 Feb13th vs 14th place matchPlay-offs

JB Marks Oval Stadium Tickets for the U19 World Cup 2024

JB Marks Oval Stadium tickets

The tickets for the U19 Cricket World Cup-2024 for JB Marks Oval stadium are available. The tickets are high in demand and will be short soon. Don’t waste time and book your seats for the main ground. There are many methods and platforms available to buy tickets for this stadium. You can buy tickets from the official website of the stadium or ICC’s Official platform.

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The ticket price may vary for this stadium. The price of tickets depends on the category of ticket. Many category tickets are available and every category has a different price. Let’s discuss the categories of tickets for this venue.

General Stand (Uncovered)

  • Basic seating in open stands, furthest from the field.

General Stand (Covered)

  • Basic seating in covered stands, offering shade from the sun.

Family Stand

  • Dedicated section for families with young children, often with additional amenities like play areas.

Sightline Stand

  • Seating close to the boundary rope offers an exciting and close-up experience.

Boundary Stand

  • Covered premium seating with padded chairs, and dedicated food and beverage service.

Silver Pavilion

  • Prime-covered seating with excellent views, and exclusive access to premium lounges and amenities.


  • Private box with luxurious seating, catering, and a dedicated viewing balcony.

JB Marks Oval Stadium Tickets Price

CategoryDescriptionEstimated Price (PKR)
General Stand (Uncovered)Basic seating 500 – 800
General Stand (Covered)Basic seating in covered stands800 – 1,200
Family StandA dedicated section for families1,000 – 1,500
Sightline StandSeating close to the boundary1,200 – 1,800
Boundary Stand premium seating 1,500 – 2,500
Silver PavilionPrime-covered seating2,500 – 3,500
Gold PavilionPrime-covered seating with excellent views3,500 – 5,000
VIP BoxPrivate box with luxurious seatingPrice on request (likely exceeding 5,000 PKR)

U19 World Cup 2024 Tickets Booking platforms

Official ICC Website

The official platform of ICC is a more reliable and secure platform for buying tickets for any tournament of ICC. The official price for tickets with category will be available on this website. You can buy tickets directly from the website.

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South Africa Official Website

As the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2024 is hosting in South Africa South Africa will play an important role in ticket sales. The official website of South Africa will provide tickets for this event.

Third-Party Platforms

Many third-party platforms are offering tickets for this event of ICC. Other than official websites many other platforms in South Africa offer tickets for this process.

Cricket Tickets Price South Africa

Match TypeStadium LocationSeating CategoryPrice Range (R)
Test MatchMajor Stadium (Urban)General AdmissionR150 – R300
Test MatchSmaller Stadium (Rural)General AdmissionR50 – R100
ODIMajor Stadium (Urban)Reserved SeatingR100 – R250
ODISmaller Stadium (Rural)Reserved SeatingR50 – R150
T20 InternationalMajor Stadium (Urban)General AdmissionR50 – R150
T20 InternationalSmaller Stadium (Rural)General AdmissionR20 – R50
Domestic CricketAny StadiumGeneral AdmissionR20 – R50
Domestic CricketAny StadiumReserved SeatingR50 – R100

JB Marks Oval Tickets Booking Online Platforms

Here are the online platforms where you can purchase tickets for the World Cup 2024. You can visit these platforms to buy tickets for the ODI Cricket World Cup 2024.

Official WebsiteBook Here
PayTMVisit Here

How to Book tickets for JB Marks Oval Stadium

Here are some methods to buy tickets from any platform:

First of all, Go to thе wеbsitе of thе onlinе platform whеrе you want to buy tickеts.

Now Sеlеct thе match you want to attend in the stadium. Choose the match from the given list of matches.

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There are many tickets available in different categories with different prices. Choosе thе sеating category you prеfеr.

After selecting the affordable category according to your budget. Now, Entеr thе numbеr of tickеts you want to buy.

After selecting the tickets you will be asked to fill in your details. Entеr your contact details and paymеnt information.

Now, you are all done and click on the “Buy Tickеts” button.

The process is done and you have bought tickets for the match and tickets will be reached to your destination.


Jb Marks Oval stadium tickets price how to book tickets online?

The ticket price for JB Marks Oval stadium may vary according to the category of tickets. You can visit these platforms to buy tickets for the ODI Cricket World Cup 2024. Cricketworldcup.com, Ticketpro, Computicket, PayTM, PayTM Insider.

What is the cricket ticket price in South Africa?

The ticket price in South Africa ranges from 300 rands to 3000 rands according to the category and reliability of the stadium.

Where to buy cricket tickets online?

Here are some websites that are offering tickets online. You can buy tickets from these platforms. Cricketworldcup.com, Ticketpro, Computicket, PayTM, PayTM Insider.

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