Cricket World Cup 2023 Australia vs South Africa Highlights – Must-See Moments

India is hosting cricket world cup 2023 this year. Today match between Australia and South Africa play at BRSABV Ekana Cricket Stadium, Lucknow. Watching AUS vs SA highlights is the best option for you if you missed any of the action or simply want to remember the most exciting moments. Australia won the toss and choose to bowl first. In this match Pat Cummins leading the Australia team and Temba Bavuma is leading South Africa team. What a fantastic knock by South Africa in this match. Australia all out on just 177 runs. South Africa won by 134 runs. We’ll provide you instructions on how to watch the World Cup 2023’s Australia vs South Africa highlights world cup 2023.

Australia vs south Africa highlights

Australia vs south Africa highlights

AUS vs SA Key Highlights Today World Cup 2023

  • Australia won the toss and choose to bowl first.
  • South Africa opens his with the Skipper Temba Bavuma and Quinton de Kock
  • Mitchell Starc holds the ball in his hands to start the bowling.
  • Maxwell got his first wicket of Temba Bavuma.
  • De Kock score 109 runs
  • Maxwell Pick 2 wickets in his 10 over spell.
  • Aiden Markram score 56 runs on 44 balls.
  • Maxwell took two wickets
  • Labuschange score 46 runs
  • Rabada took 3 wickets
  • South Africa won by 134 runs

Who Won Toss in Today Match

Australia won the toss and elected to bowl first.

1st Inning Australia vs South Africa Highlights

South Africa started his inning with Temba Bavuma and Quinton de Kock. After first over SA score was 4/0 runs.

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Josh Hazelwood start the second over of the inning. After 2 overs SA score was 6/0 runs. 7 runs per none after 3 overs.

After four overs total score on the board was 11/0 runs. Six hit by de Kock on the ball of Mitchell Starc in 5th over.

At the end of 5th over total runs on the board 19/0 per none. De Kock hit 4 on the first ball of 6 over. SA 32/0 runs after 6 overs.

At the end of 7th over 38/0. 45/0 without any loss after 8 overs. After the end of first 10 overs from 1- 10 of power play South Africa were 53/0.

SA get his first 100 runs in 17.4 overs. SA losses his first wicket on 108 runs in the form of Temba Bavuma.

 After 20 overs SA 108/1. Maxwell got the breakthrough for the Australians. Next 10 from 10-20 overs SA score 55/1.

 After 22 overs SA 109/1 on the board. After 23 overs SA 126/1 on the board with two maximums in an over by de Kock.

131/1 after 24 overs on the board. After 25 overs SA 136/1 on the board. 143/1 after 26 overs on the board. 150/1 on the board after 27 overs of first inning.

After 28 overs SA 156/1 on the board. SA losses another wicket at 158/2 in the form of Rassie van dur Dussen in 29th over. Dussen goes on scoring 26 runs.

 Zampa got the breakthrough for the team. Now Aiden Markram is on the crease with de Kock. After 29 overs SA 161/2.

De Kock got his 100 runs on 29.5 overs after hitting a maximum. After 30 overs SA 171/2 on the board. 63/1 in 20-30 overs by South Africa in 10 overs.

Maxwell with a breakthrough he got his second wicket. De Kock departs on 109 runs.

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Excellent from Maxwell 197/3 after 35 overs. 200 up for SA in 35.5 overs. 

After 40 overs SA 232/3 on the board. SA score 61/1 in 10 overs from 30-40.  243/3 after 41 overs on the board by South Africa.

50 by Aiden Markram on just 41 balls. Three 4s in an over by Aiden Markram to Adam Zampa. 14 runs in an over to Zampa.

Another wicket gone of Aiden Markram on 56 of just 44 ball. Pat Cummins give the breakthrough at a very crucial stage. Josh Hazelwood pick good catch in the cover.

After 44 overs SA 267/4 on the board. Another wicket gone Klassen gone on 29 runs. Good catch by the keeper.  Josh Hazelwood pick up a great wicket.

SA 267/5 in 44.1 overs. After 45 overs SA 272/5 on the board.  284/5 after 47 overs on the board. After 48 overs SA 296/5 a 6 and a 4 in an over by Jansen to Starc.

Starc drop the catch of David Miller at the ball of Pat Cummins. Another catch of Jansen drop in same over.

After 49 overs SA 310/5. Jansen departs on 26 runs now SA 310/6 in 49.1 overs. Good catch by Warner. Great piece of bowling by Starc in the end. What a great Yorker by Mitchell Starc to Miller and get a wicket of miller. SA 311/7 now. SA set a target of 312 in his 50 overs.

Top performers of First Inning Aus vs SA

Here you will get update about the top performers of first inning players.

de Kock 100 runs
Players Runs/ Wickets
Quinton de Kock 109(106)
Aiden Markram 56(44)
Maxwell 2-34(10)

2nd Inning Australia vs South Africa Highlights

Australia started their inning with their openers David Warner and Mitchell Marsh.

Lungi Nigidi bowls his first over. After first over Australia score only 3 runs on the board.

Nigidi again bowl a maiden over. Warner hit a four in the 4th over. At the end of 5th over only 16 runs on the board.

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In 6th over warner hit a 4 at no ball. Jensen took the first wicket of Mitchell Marsh. Mitchell marsh gone after scoring 7 runs.

In the next over David Warner gone after scoring 13 runs at the ball of Lungi Nigidi. Great comeback by the Africans bowlers.

After 7 overs Australia was 27/2. In the 8th over Steve Smith hit two boundaries. 36/2 after 8 overs on the board.

Smith gone in the 10th over after hitting two 4s. Smith gone on 19 runs. Australia score 50 runs in first 10 overs.

 50/3 after 10 overs on the board Australia was in deep trouble after the power play.

In the 11th over Inglis hit a 4. At the start of 12th over Inglis loses his wicket. Rabada took another wicket.

 Inglis gone after scoring 5 runs. After 13 overs Australia was 58/4. In 17 over Maxwell loses his wicket on the ball of Mahraj.

 Maxwell gone after scoring 3 runs. After 17 overs Australia was 70/5 on the board.

 In the very next over Stonis gone at the bowl Rabada after scoring 5 runs. Now Australia was 71/6 after 18 overs.

There is a partnership between Mitchell Starc and Labuschange. Mitchell Starc loses his wicket after scoring 27 runs.

Labuschange lose his wicket after scoring 46 runs on just 74 balls.

Great execution by the South African bowlers. After 40 overs SA 174/8 on the board.

 Australia was in deep trouble in these 40 overs.  Pat Cummins loses his wicket after scoring 22 runs at the ball Tabriz Shamzi.

Australia 175/9 after 40.4 overs. Another wicket gone at 177 runs. What a great performance by the South Africa. South Africa Won by 134 runs.

Top Performers of Second Inning AUS vs SA

Here are the top performers of second inning between Australia and South Africa.

PlayerRuns/ Wickets
Mahraj 2-30(10)

Player of the Match AUS vs SA

Quinton de Kock is the player of the Match

Platforms to Watch AUS vs SA highlights

There are different platforms where you can watch match highlights of world cup 2023.

  • Official World Cup Website
  • TV Channels
  • You Tube
  • Social Media
  • Sport Websites
  • Mobile Apps


It is concluded that South Africa have won the match with the great margin of 134 runs. Australia all out on just 177 runs. Rabada take 3 wickets.

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